April 12

Tuesday, 12.—Being determined, if possible, to put a stop to the proceedings of one in Carolina, who had married several of my parishioners without either banns or license and declared he would do so still, I set out in a sloop for Charleston. I landed there on Thursday, and related the case to Mr. Garden, the Bishop of London’s commissary, who assured me he would take care no such irregularity should be committed for the future.

From the Minutes of the Trustees April 4, 1737

April 4, 1737. — A law was read against the use of gold and silver, in apparel
and furniture, in Georgia, and for preventing extravagance and luxury.

Monday, April 4.

Monday, April 4.—I began learning Spanish in order to converse with My Jewish parishioners; some of whom seem nearer the mind that was in Christ than many of those who called Him Lord.