From the Minutes of the Trustees July 27, 1737

July 27, 1737. — Received a benefaction of a person who desired to be unknown,
of a Seal for the Town Court of Savannah, with an Engine or press, &c., value £
2 5s. Town Courts of Savannah and Frederica to be courts of law for trying
offences against the act for preventing the importation and use of rum.

Wednesday, 6

—Mr. Causton came to my house, with Mr. Bailiff Parker and Mr. Recorder, and warmly asked, “How could you possibly think I should condemn you for executing any part of your office?” I said short, “Sir, what if I should think it the duty of my office to repel one of your family from the holy communion?” He replied, “If you repel me or my wife, I shall require a legal reason. But I shall trouble myself about none else. Let them look to themselves.”

From the Minutes of the Trustees July 6, 1737

July 6th, 1737. — Received a Receipt from the Bank of England, for twenty
thousand pounds, received by (.he Accountant at the Exchequer, (being so much
granted the last session of Parliament, for the further securing and settling the
colony of Georgia,) and paid in by him this day to the Bank.

July 3

Sunday, July 3.—Immediately after the holy communion, I mentioned to Mrs. Williamson (Mr. Causton’s niece) some things which I thought reprovable in her behavior. At this she appeared extremely angry; said she did not expect such usage from me; and at the turn of the street, through which we were walking home, went abruptly away. The next day Mrs. Causton endeavored to excuse her; told me she was exceedingly grieved for what had passed the day before and desired me to tell her in writing what I disliked; which I accordingly did the day following.
But first I sent Mr. Causton the following note:

“To this hour you have shown yourself my friend; I ever have and ever shall acknowledge it. And it is my earnest desire that He who hath hitherto given me this blessing would continue it still.
“But this cannot be, unless you will allow me one request, which is not so easy a one as it appears: do not condemn me for doing, in the execution of my office, what I think it my duty to do.
“If you can prevail upon yourself to allow me this, even when I act without respect of persons, I am persuaded there will never be, at least not long, any misunderstanding between us. For even those who seek it shall, I trust, find no occasion against me, ‘except it be concerning the law of my God.’