From the Minutes of the Trustees Dec 21, 1737

Dec. 21, 1737. — Read an instruction from the King, appointing that in the
morning and evening prayers in the Litany, as well as in the occasional offices,
in the Book of Common Prayer, where the Royal Family is appointed to be particularly
prayed for, the following Form and Order : " Their Royal Highnesses
Frederic Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales, the l)uke, the Princess, and
all the Royal Family," be forthwith published in all the parish churches and
other places of Divine worship in the Colony of Georgia, and that obedience be
paid thereto accordingly.
Ordered: That a License be made out for the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield to
perform Ecclesiastical offices in Georgia, as a deacon in the Church of England.

From the Minutes of the Trustees Dec 7, 1737

Dec. 7, 1737. — Several letters were read from Mr. Williamson at Savannah,
complaining of the Rev. John Wesley having refused the Sacrament to his wife,
Mrs. Sophia Williamson, with affidavit of latter thereupon, and two presentments
of thu Grand Jury of the Rev. John Wesley for said refusal, and for several other
facts laid to his charge.
Ordered : That copies of said letters and affidavit be sent over to the Rev. Mr.
John Wesley, desiring him to return his answers to the same as soon as possible :
and that a letter be sent to Mr. Williamson to acquaint him of said copies being
sent to Mr. Wesley, and that, if he has anything new to lay before the Trustees,
he should show it first to Mr. VVesley, and then send it over to them ; and that
the Trustees think he should not have made his application to the world, by advertising
his complaints, before he had acquainted the Trustees with them.