A Hymn for Reflection

ANOTHER day preserv'd by grace,
We end it with our Saviour's praise,
Symphonious to the quires above,
And triumph in his guardian love:
Ye angels, with your wings outspread,
Come, take your stand around our bed.
We soon shall wake with you to sing,
In presence of our heavenly King;
With you unutterably blest,
Shall always praise and never rest;
But smooth as the melodious lay,
Shall endless ages roll away.
O that the joyful day were come,
Which calls our happy spirits home;
O could we join our friends in light,
And reach our Father's house to. night:
And sweetly close our willing eyes,
To open them in paradise.

From "A Collection of Psalms and Hymns" to be published, God willing in 1737

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