Letter to Mr. Verelst, November 10, 1736

SAVANNAH, November 10, 1736.

SIR,--I return you thanks for your favor. The good I have found here has, indeed, been beyond my expectations: the contrary behavior of many was no more than 1 looked for; being convinced, several years before I left England, that in every city or country under heaven the majority of the people are not the wisest or the best part. But we have an advantage here, which is not frequent in other places--that is, a Magis tracy not only regular in their own conduct, but desirous and watchful to suppress as far as in them lies whatever is openly ill in the conduct of others. I am obliged to you for the hint you give as to the regulating that too-prevailing neglect in the case of administering public oaths. Without doubt it should be done with all possible solemnity. For surely no hurry of business can excuse any want of reverence towards the God to whom all our business should be consecrated: since it is for His sake that we ought to undertake everything as wen as perform everything as in His sight.

Pray, when you send me any books, send a letter of advice. I have received no books from you since I came hither. --I am, dear sir,

Your most humble servant.

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