August 7, 1737

John did find comfort in a female acquaintance in Georgia in Sophy Hopkey. But he was concerned that settling down would hurt his ministry. He wanted to evangelize the natives first. After a year, Sophy was getting impatient. Finally, In March 1737 she made it known that she was going to marry another if Wesley had no objection. One of the things Wesley did when it was time to make a decision is to draw lots. During these difficult days of decision, he wrote 3 slips of paper ... marry, think about it after a year, think about it no more. He drew the latter slip of paper and decided that he was correct in not pursuing marriage. When he later refused Sophy communion on August 7, 1737, he became mired in controversy. He claimed he did so for valid reasons, but Sophy's new husband brought him to court for defamation of character. Other charges were levied against him (concocted by people seeking ill will against Wesley). After a while, Wesley could take no more and headed back to England.

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