A Description of the Landscape, February 15, 1736

To those Gentle Readers who are not familiar with the Americas, I will attempt a short descriptive for ye to understand. The first settlers in this colony of Georgia arrived in 1733. Bravely they sailed up the Savannah River, and stablished a small grouping or settlement on a bluff selected by the esteemed General Oglethorpe as easily defensible. This stretch of land lays uneasy, neither being British or Spanish. The Britons lay to the north in Charlestown and the Spaniards to the south near what we call Florida. Indeed, the Spaniards occupied a number of Catholic missions along the Georgia coast.

These Spaniards form a real threat to our livelihood and well being, as do those brigands commonly called pirates. As a preventive of pugilistic attack, General Oglethorpe has selected St. Simons Island for a new fortification, this being 60 miles south of Savannah. We are currently building Fort Frederica, named for the honorable Prince of Wales, Frederick Louis. We are building fortifications on either side of the water out of a native substance we call “Tabby.” Eventually we will have both an earthen wall and a Tabby wall, with a moat. These walls will be nigh unto a statute mile in their diameter. The fortifications will have three bastions, two storehouse, a guardhouse, a stockade, a spur battery and God willing a separate church for the use of all. These fortifications are around a bend in the river to best control the approach of ships.

We will continue in prayer and encouragement for this small settlement of God’s people.


Joseph said...

Dear John Wesley,
I am sorry that i did not pay attention at all in my Methodist History and Doctrine class. we were supposed to read your sermons, but i skimmed through them and knew just enough to write decent papers and score decently on exams. i mean, it's not that your sermons were boring, but really, it was me. not you. i hope you understand.
and i hope that when it comes time for me to write my papers and go through the BOM, you won't come back to haunt me. Also, you know, i think you made this whole ordination thing a lot harder and difficult than it should be. You should really do something about it.
But yea, if i could take the class all over again, i'd pay more attention. Actually i probably wouldn't, but i'd try harder.

Anonymous said...

JW, it is interesting that you are concerned about Spaniards and state that they are "a real threat to our livelihood." This is something that we deal with in our little village to your north. Those 'invading' our good little village aren't necessarily Spaniards but they do share the same language. They make us uncomfortable. They do things differently and most of us cannot understand them. There has been talk of adding fortification to keep 'Spaniards' out here as well. Please let me know how your walls and moat work, I may bring this up at our next city council meeting.