February 17, 1736 - The Imitation of Christ

EVERY [human] naturally desires knowledge; but what good is knowledge without fear of God? Indeed a humble rustic who serves God is better than a proud intellectual who neglects his/[her] soul to study the course of the stars. He who knows himself /[herself] well becomes mean in his/[her] own eyes and is not happy when praised by [humans]. If I knew all things in the world and had not charity, what would it profit me before God Who will judge me by my deeds?

Shun too great a desire for knowledge, for in it there is much fretting and delusion. Intellectuals like to appear learned and to be called wise. Yet there are many things the knowledge of which does little or no good to the soul, and he who concerns himself about other things than those which lead to salvation is very unwise. Many words do not satisfy the soul; but a good life eases the mind and a clean conscience inspires great trust in God.

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smkyqtzxtl said...

All I can say to this is AMEN. That is what attracted me to the Gospel, the Good News in the first place. You don't have to be a genius, just come as a little child and accept His love and forgiveness, the follow where He leads! Blessings.