Charles' Journal, March 10, 1736

Wed., March l0th. Between five and six in the morning I read short prayers to a few at the fire, before Mr. Oglethorpe's tent, in a hard shower of rain. Mr. Oglethorpe had set up a tent for the women, near his own. Toward noon I found an opportunity of talking at the tent-door with Mrs. W. I laboured to guard her against the cares of the world, and to give herself to God in the Christian sacrifice; but to no purpose. God was pleased not to add weight to my words; therefore they could make no impression.

After dinner I began talking with M. Germain, about baptizing her child by immersion. She was much averse to it, though she owned it a strong, healthy child. I then spoke to her husband, who was soon satisfied, and brought his wife to be so too.

In the evening I endeavoured to reconcile M.W. to M. H., who, I assured her, bore her no ill-will. She replied, "You must not tell me that. M.H. is a very subtle woman. I understand her perfectly. There is a great man in the case; therefore I cannot speak; only that she is exceeding jealous of me" Company stopped her saying more.

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