Saturday, March 27, 2007 -- A Diary of a Day

4 Prayed with Delamotte; private prayer (lively zeal). 5 Meditated; with Germans, sang; read Prayers. 6 Expounded; necessary business in garden. 7 Tea; read Greek with Delamotte. 8 Greek. 9 Sang; Ardnt 10 Ardnt 10.4 Religious talk (necessary) with Appee. 11 Arnt; writ to Charles. 12 [Writ] to Mrs Hawkins. 12.45 Dinner. 1.15 Necessary business. 2 Catechized children. 3 Visited Dean prayer, Common Prayer. 4 With Germans, they meeting. 4.45 At home; necesary talk. 5 Tea, religious talk. 5.30 Read Prayers, expounded. 7.45 Religious talk with Gough. 8 Religious talk on lay-baptism. 8.30 With Germans sang. 9.30 Writ diary.

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trekkerjay said...

How concise you are with your entries... I fear I would not be able to do the same, as I would probably be more expansive in my explanations.