Charles' Journal, March 18, 1736

Thur., March 18th. Today Mr. Oglethorpe set out with the Indians, to hunt the buffalo upon the main, and to see the utmost limits of what they claimed. In the afternoon M. W. discovered to me the whole mystery of iniquity.

I went to my myrtle-walk, where, as I was repeating, "I will thank thee, for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation," a gun was fired from the other side of the rushes. Providence had that moment turned me from that end of the walk, which the shot flew through; but I heard them pass close by me.


Rob Carr said...

In our church, the minister and the congregation reach a suitable compromise and part ways, wishing each other the best in Christ (although sometimes speaking snarkily in private, much to our shame).

The use of firearms in church polity strikes me as disturbing, if not decidedly unchristian. Then again, ours is a liberal denomination, often reviled by our conservative brethren.

Does this cut down on the gossip?

Theresa Coleman said...

I think that someone just didn't like the sermon.