April 10, 1736, Diary of John Wesley

Private prayer; prayed. 6 Breakfast, religious talk. 6.30 Greek Testament; sang. 7 Religious talk with Nowell. 7.45 Greek Testament; religious talk with them; Greek Testament; sang. 10 Shaved. 10.15 Greek Testament; sang. 12 Dinner, religious talk. 12.30 Necessary talk. 1 Storm; religious talk with Delamotte, etc. 2 Wind for us! 3 Dinner. 3.15 Writ diary; necessary business. 4 Meditated; prayed; religious talk with soldier etc. 5 Opened Bible and Kempis; prayed for Oglethorpe, Mrs Hawkins, etc. 5.30 At Frederica; Mr Oglethorpe came on board and received us with the utmost love, saluted Mrs. Hawkins. 6 Religious talk with Charles of Frederica. 7 He read Prayers, expounded; Mrs Hawins there. 7.30 Religious talk with her, she quite cold and reserved (no. 1) 8.30 With Oglethrope, he quite open and friendly [9] Horton came, friendly. 9.30 Storehouse; prayed.

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