Letter to General Oglethorpe, April 20, 1736

SAVANNAH, April 20, 1736.

Savannah never was so dear to me as now. I believe, knowing by whom I send, I may write as well as speak freely. I found so little either of the form or power of' religion at Frederica, that I am sincerely glad I am removed from it. [He was there from April 10 to 17.] Surely never was any place, no, not London itself, freer from one vice; I mean hypocrisy.

O curvae in terris animae, et coelestium inanes! [Persius' Satires, ii. 61: 'O grovelling souls, and void of things divine!']

'Jesus, Master, have mercy upon them!' There is none of those who did run well whom I pity more than Mrs. Hawkins. Her treating me in such a manner would indeed have little affected me, had my own interests only been concerned. I have been used to be betrayed, scorned, and insulted by those I had most labored to serve. But when I reflect on her condition, my heart bleeds for her. Yet with Thee nothing is impossible!

With regard to one who ought to be dearer to me than her, I cannot but say that the more I think of it, the more con vinced I am that no one, without a virtual renouncing of the faith, can abstain from the public as well as the private worship of God. All the prayers usually read morning and evening at Frederica and here, put together, do not last seven minutes. These cannot be termed long prayers; no Christian assembly ever used shorter; neither have they any repetitions in them at all. If I did not speak thus plainly to you, which I fear no one else in England or America will do, I should by no means be worthy to call myself, sir,

Yours, &c.

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Garpu said...

From St. Faustina Kowalksa's Diary:

In the terrible desert of life,
O my sweetest Jesus,
Protect souls from disaster,
For You are the Fountain of Mercy.


Sleep is the great highway I must travel,
But I fear nothing,
For the pure fount of mercy is flowing for my sake,
And, with it, strength for the humble soul.

I am exhausted and worn out,
But my conscience bears me witness
That I do all for the greater glory of the Lord,
The Lord who is my repose and my heritage.