Charles' Journal, March 31, 1736

Wed., March 31st. I begin now to be abused and slighted into an opinion of my own considerableness. I could not be more trampled upon, was I a fallen Minister of state. The people have found out that I am in disgrace, and all the cry is, Curramus praecipites, et Dum jacet in ripa calcemus caesaris hostem.

My few well-wishers are afraid to speak to me. Some have turned out of the way to avoid me. Others desired I would not take it ill, if they seemed not to know me when we should meet. The servant that used to wash my linen sent it back unwashed. It was great cause of triumph my being forbidden the use of Mr. Oglethorpe's things, and in effect debarred of most of the conveniences, if not necessaries, of life. I sometimes pitied, and sometimes diverted myself with, the odd expressions of their contempt; but found the benefit of having undergone a much lower degree of obloquy at Oxford.


Theresa Coleman said...

I am so sorry, Charles, that this posting is not working out. How long can you last like this?

Please try to be pleasant to the people, as they will repay kindness with kindness, I am sure.

Perhaps you can wash you own linen?

Garpu said...

As a priest once reminded me, being "in persona Christe" means being rejected, as well...