Charles' Journal, April 30, 1736

Fri., April 30th. I had some farther talk with him in bed. He ordered me whatever he could think I wanted; promised to have me an house built immediately; and was just the same he had formerly been to me.


Unknown said...

John and Charles, thought I give you a visit, since it had been a while. Wishing you a blessed Sunday.

Gordon Pruitt said...

John and Charles,
wanted to send you an email but could not figure that out.
2 request
1. i am preaching a sermon titled "why methodsit" this sunday. I put quotes on the front of the bullitin each week realted to the topic. I want your best quote about what it means to be a methodist.
2. i can't remember right now. will get back to you.
thanks for your help

Gordon Pruitt said...

i remembered. we also give a weekly study guide with daily scriputre readings and a few quesionts. JOhn what are 5 of your favorite paasges of scritpure?