Charles' Journal, April 11, 1736

Sun., April 11th. What words could more support our confidence, than the following, out of the Psalms for the day? --" Be merciful unto me, O God, for man goeth about to devour me. He is daily fighting, and troubling me. Mine enemies are daily in hand to swallow me up; for they be many that fight against me, O thou Most Highest. Nevertheless, though I am sometimes afraid, yet put I my trust in thee. I will put my trust in God, and will not fear what man can do unto me. They daily mistake my words: all that they imagine is to do me evil." (Psalm lvi. 1-,5.) The next Psalm was equally animating :--" Be merciful unto me, O God; for my soul trusteth in thee: and under the shadow of thy wings shall be my refuge, until this tyranny be overpast. I will call upon the most high God; even unto the God that shall perform the cause which I have in hand. He shall send down from heaven, and save me from the reproof of him that would eat me up. God shall send forth his mercy and truth; my soul is among lions. And I lie even among the children of men, that are set on fire: whose teeth are spears and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword. Set up thyself, O God, above the heavens; and thy glory above all the earth." (Psalm lvii. 1-6.)

I had just recovered strength enough to consecrate at the sacrament: the rest my brother discharged. We then got out of the reach of informers, and proceeded in my account; being fully persuaded of the truth of M. W.'s information against Mr. Oglethorpe, M. H., and herself.

Next morning Mr. Oglethorpe met and carried us to breakfast at the modest M.H.,s. At noon my brother repeated to me his last conference with M. W., in confirmation of all she had ever told me.

At night I took leave of Mr. Horton, Mr. Hermsdorf, and Major Richards, who were going, with thirty men, to build a fort over against the Spanish look-out, twelve leagues from Augustine.

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